Would you like a romantic relationship or sexy one?

Which one is the best? A romantic relationship or a sexy one? Having been in both, I can still not make up my mind. Sure it was great to have a sexy relationship with my previous boyfriend, but at the end of the day, it felt very much like our relationship was only about sex. We did not have that much to talk about, and when I came home from Bromley escorts, he just wanted to jump into bed with me right away. It would have been nice to have at least a drink before sex.

The guy I dated before my super sexy man, was one of these guys who believed in love above anything else. That was romantic, but at the same time, it was hard work. If I did not call him darling all of the time, he got really hung about about things. When I think back on the relationship, it was clear that he was one of the most insecure guys that I had ever dated. Although I found him romantic, I am not sure that he was the right guy for me.

I like to have an adult relationship with someone, but I am not sure I am going to be able to have that while I am still with Bromley escorts. When you tell a guy that you work for an escort service, it is like a flashing light comes on, and most guys that I have met, seem to think that they have hit the jackpot when it comes to dating Bromley escorts. What they don’t seem to appreciate, is that we are rather normal girls who just want to enjoy life.

Perhaps this is why so many former Bromley escorts have ended up in relationships with previous dates. You don’t have to explain anything, and if you like, you know each other background. At the moment there are no guys I date at the escorts agency in Bromley that I really fancy, but I guess it would be the perfect relationship for me. The average guy just seems to look at me as a sex object, and that is not cool at all.

I don’t have a problem being a sex object, but it something that I like to leave at Bromley escorts. When I come home after my shift, I just want to be a normal girl but it is hard. Working for an escort agency in London or elsewhere is pretty unique and it is not for everybody. Some girls can handle it. I thought that I could handle it, and although I have got a kick out of my work, I am not sure that I would like to go on to be a mature escort and stay working for an escort service. All I want is to have a chance to have a decent relationship with a man, but I am not sure I am going to achieve that dream at the same time I am escorting here in Bromley.

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