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My friend Anne who works for an escorts in London agency has been humiliated by her husband. They have only been married for a few years and I can’t believe that he has done this to her, but there you go it has happened. I think that the worse thing a man can do to his wife is to humiliate her in one form or the other. All of my Cheap London escorts friends are devastated and has insisted that Anne leaves her husband immediately. Fortunately, Anne and her husband do not have any children, so there are not little people that can get hurt.

Anne has been working for a London escorts agency for quite a few years now, and she is actually one of the best elite London escorts. She stands 5 ft 7 in her stocking feet and has lovely blonde hair, so she is quite something to look at. Her husband, Alan, knew that she was an escort when they got married, and he was quite happy with her profession. She earns more money than he does and I honestly think that this is where the problem starts. He is really jealous of her and feels a bit inferior to her.

Last week they were at a party and one of the guests made a remark about Alan’s Rolex watch. Anne said that she had bought it for him as a 50 birthday present, and for some reason Alan was not too happy about this comment. He made some sort of remark saying that despite his education, he did not manage to earn as much money as his wife who worked as a tart. Nobody at the party knew that Anne worked for a top London escorts agency and some people were a bit shocked. Most people didn’t think it mattered that Anne was part of a team of professional London escorts, but it was just the comment had been made.

Anne was really angry and walked out on the party. A couple of hours later her husband came home, and he was really remorseful but by then it was too late. Anne had been on the phone to her London escorts agency has she was to upset to work that evening. Of course, they had taken her side and told her London escorts colleague. Every single of them was on Anne’s side and agreed that Anne had been humiliated by her husband.

Anne, being a smart lady, did not immediately back her bags. Instead she moved into the spare room and contacted a lawyer recommended to her by one of the London escorts that Anne works together with. It turns out that Anne has very good grounds for divorce, and that she can easily leave her husband. Most of her assets are in the name of a company that she has set up, so there is no problem.

The lesson is, if your wife works for a London escorts, it may not be a good idea to humiliate her. London escorts may have blonde hair, but at the end of the day those 34DD’s give them extra brain power.

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