This girl went totally mad with me in the street the other day.

I don’t know how she managed to find me, but she accused me of shagging her boyfriend. She started to scream and shout, and took great delight in telling everyone around us that I worked for a London escorts. I screamed back that just because I work for a London escorts, does not mean I shag every guy around. It turned into a bit of a cat fight, and we managed to get rather an audience. As a matter of fact, I think somebody filmed it, and I am surprised we are not on Youtube.

She calmed down a little bit, and I soon realised I had met her boyfriend for sex. I do have a bad habit of picking up guys for sex after finishing at London escorts, and I soon knew that he was one of the guys I had picked up a few times. But, to be honest with this woman, I did not know he had a girlfriend. If I would have known that, I would have thought twice about picking him time and time again. What really fascinated me was how she knew I worked for a London escorts service.

I never tell the guys I pick up that I work for London escorts service. It would not be cool at all. Normally I make up some sort of story, and my ideal cover is telling them about my Soho strip club career. Before I joined London escorts, I did use to strip and I know guys get turned on by having sex with strippers. It is my little game that I play, and it gives them something to talk about the next day.

Did I feel sorry for this girl who more or less attacked me in the street? No, I did not feel sorry for her at all. Unless she branded her boyfriend across his ass that he belongs to her, I think that he was fair play. It is not my problem that her boyfriend cannot keep his dick in his pans. Most London escorts would probably think the same way, and I cannot really see the problem here.

But, what fascinated me was how she knew I worked for a London escorts service? I did not ask her, but I did take a good look at her as she finally let go of me. Did she not used to work for a London escorts service somewhere? I had a feeling that we had met before, but I was not sure. As she walked away from the scene she had caused. I told myself to be more careful in the future. Perhaps it was about time I changed my lifestyle and stopped picking up guys that I barely knew. It would be nice to have a permanent boyfriend and not have to start from scratch telling a guy what you enjoy doing in bed.

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