The moment I met my girlfriend, I knew that there was something different about her.

I am not sure what it was. She dressed like most other girls that I had gone out with but at the same time, I could sense that she was different. When she told me she worked for London escorts, I cannot really say that I was surprised at all. In fact, it was kind of relief and explained the way she made me feel.

However, it did not take me very long to figure out that she wanted me to be in charge in the bedroom. She blamed London escorts and said that she had to be in control there all of the time. When she came home, she wanted something different and that meant me being in charge. I had never done anything like before so we had to visit a London escort’s dominatrix so she could show me what to do.

We did have sex normally as well, so for the first couple of months of our relationship I was not freaked out all of the time. If you like we kind of started very gently and it took me a little while to get up to speed on being charge. After about six months I did find my stride and really started to enjoy being in charge. We still play like this today, and sometimes when she has a day off from London escorts, we go to specialist domination parties in London.

Have I told my friends about my hot girl from London escorts? I don’t think that they would believe I date a girl from a London escorts service so I have not told them as yet. More than likely I will not tell them that I am now into domination and have a girlfriend who works for an elite London escorts service. I simply do not think that they would believe me at all. This is something that I have never really done before and I am not sure that I would have gone down this road if I had not met my girl from London escorts.

To be honest, I thank my lucky stars. It is not every guy who gets to go out with a girl from a London escorts service and dominate her at the same time. A couple of years ago, I would not have dreamed of meeting a girl like my hot friend. I am okay with her working for an escort service in London. Most guys probably have a hard time accepting that is what their girlfriend is into but I don’t let it worry me anymore. Thanks to the work my girlfriend does, we have a fantastic lifestyle, and our relationship is probably more trusting and open minded than many other relationships out there. I think that is good and you can say that this girl has become my dream girlfriend. You know, there is nothing as hot as London escort.

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