The UK version of the Mail on Sunday brought us the topic of gender fluidity this weekend. What does it mean, and more than anything, how can you be gender fluid? To a simple soul like me, it merely does not make sense. Even after my ten years with London escorts, gender fluidity sounds like a completely alien concept. Are we now going to change our gender just as often as we change our hair color? I change my hair color to look fresh at London escorts, but I am not sure about this gender fluidity stuff.

We have a couple of girls working for our London escorts service of https://charlotteaction.org who are bisexual, but at no point would I call them to gender fluid. Reading into the article a little more, it sounds like many people are so confused about their sexuality that they wake up some mornings, not knowing if they want to be men or women.  Can you imagine what it must like? You are born into this world, and when you arrive, your mum is your mum, and your dad is your dad. Then they change, and a couple of years after that, they change again.

That does not make any sense to me at all. We are indeed very relaxed about sexuality at London escorts, but even that is a step too far for us. I did have a chat about a couple of the girls at London escorts, and they said it sounded extraordinary. I can understand one person going through one sex change, but I can’t understand a person wanting to go through another. First of all, it must upset your body. From what I can understand, they need to give your hormone therapy. Along with some of the other girls at London escorts, it was hard for me to find the right Pill, so I can’t imagine what it is like to change sex. It must just be crazy, and I really can’t see that it is suitable for your body.

Would I like to be another sex? I have thought about this long and hard, and there is no way you would catch this girl changes her sex. None of the girls at London escorts who are bisexual are thinking about changing their sex neither. It merely a strange way of thinking, and if you have a family, you don’t even want to contemplate gender fluidity. It sounds utterly crazy to me, and I hope that these people are not given their operations on the NHS. To me, that would be a complete waste of money. Money, in my opinion, could be spent on something much better.

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