Not all men’s clothing suit women

but there are some items of men’s clothing that women look really good in. The classical example is the boyfriend sweater, and I will admit that I often buy mens’ sweaters instead of a lady’s sweater. You can kind of wear them in different ways. For instance, you can wear them with a t-shirt underneath, or a vest kind of top, and off the shoulder as well. If you have really great legs, you can also wear them as a short dress. Now, that looks really sexy.

If my feet ever get cold at London escorts from, I like to slip on a pair of mens’ socks. I don’t know what it is about men’s socks, but I am not the only girl at London escorts who have got a bit of fetish about mens’ socks. For some reason they seem to be a lot more comfortable and warmer than ladies sock. Ladies socks are always very thin, and they don’t really give you that kind of warn glowy feeling that men’s socks give you.

I am not sure what has happened to ladies hats, but you don’t see a lot of hats for ladies in the shops these days. Men seem to have all sorts of fun caps and things they can wear. I personally love wearing a man’s cap on a cold winter day in London. It is warm, and normally keeps the rain of your head as well. I find them kind of sexy, and I have a couple of publicity photos of me wearing at cap. They are not on the London escorts websites, but I have used them for other activities.

In my wardrobe, you will also find a couple of men’s scarves. Once again, they are a little bit warmer than ladies scarves and a bit wider as well. They all come from Burberry’s store in London and just look great. Okay, they may look a bit odd with all of my pashminas hanging in my wardrobe, but to be honest, I would not be without my scarves. When I leave London escorts late at night, they are the ideal thing to keep me warm and cozy until I get home.

The other thing I really like, is a man’s night shirt. When you sleep alone, it an be tough to keep warm sometimes, and I like to slip on something which keeps me nice and warm. There is nothing better than my gents nightshirts. If someone asks me what I would really like for Christmas, it would be a gent’s pajamas in my own size. I am sure that one of my gents at London escorts may be able to come up with the perfect Christmas present. Sometimes I do walk around the men’s section of department stores and see what I can find for my wardrobe. I think that a lot of women do that, or are secret shoppers of men’s apparel on the Internet.

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