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I thought that marriage life was easy like what I thought. But it does not the way it happened. Marriage is both a responsibility and a commitment. We must be very mature enough to know about it. We must be picky in our partner. It must not be someone who is just good looking but the personality is not right. Always be vigilant in someone’s attitude because you might regret it at all. Having someone that doesn’t respect you as a person won’t make you feel better. It does not give you a good life. Your partner should give you what you know you deserve.  Good thing for me is that I became a Bromley escort from https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts that helps me a lot in my moving on session. It’s very important for me to have someone who makes my life a lot happier, that is why I am choosing to stay away from my husband. I thought that I would experience a kind of feeling that I need when I get married but I was wrong. I was wrong that I rush in love. I was wrong that I choose to rush married. I am so happy that I finally realized that I deserved more than that abusive husband of mine. I deserved a lot. Becoming a Bromley escort makes me feel better all the way. It helps me in making my life a lot better. I thanked for the people who help me so much to recover from that treatment. I owe a lot to Bromley escort family because they had given me a chance. They give me a chance to begin again. I couldn’t let this opportunity to be taken again from me. I will not let anyone to rule my life again. I met my ex-husband years back; we were too young that time. I never expected that he would turn to be someone I never knew about. I thought he was a good person. I was wrong of my decisions in life before, that even my family I ignore. I look away to my friends and family, and that’s one of the biggest mistake I made. There is no other person that can help me aside from myself. I will never let any other people to control me. A year after out married my husband starts to yell at me or beat me. He stops working at all after he gets fired. He keeps in drinking and sometimes takes drugs. I was really nervous by it, thanked God that I am no longer on his side because I stand for myself. Though it hurts me at first of leaving him but it was the best idea. I will be dead now if I did not escape from him. I never filed a complained to him rather filed a divorce. Since then my life become more peaceful and happier. I love my job as a Bromley escort. I also help people who are brutally abused by their partner by making blogs.

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