I learned to appreciate life when I became an Archway Escorts

We do not have the right to judge and condemn someone just because of their life status. I believe that if we do not want to happen with us, don’t do it to other people. We are created by God differently with different stories. Life is not always good, and we must continually find ways to make our life better. If you want to have a better life, start by changing yourself and your views. Do not be so negative with everything rather be positive and think that you can do it. Having a good fighting spirit will help us to survive life and overcome difficulties. Nowadays, it is hard for us to content and be happy with what we have since our society requires improvement every day. And since technologies keep improving, social media is one way we compared our life to other people and feel ungrateful. Perhaps, if we learn to appreciate life, we will not be so stressed or feel pressured for what we lack.


I am Jassy Chen, a twenty-seven years old woman who lives in Archway. Archway is one of the wonderful places of London, England. The place is so relaxing and calm. You can breathe fresh air to your favorite parks and swim to the clean beaches and pools. If you are hungry, the place is perfect for serving delicious foods and hot or called beverages. And how I wish my life is that cool and good. Life always gives you a reason to give up but sometimes, how much you mean to end your life, you can always find one reason to be alive. And maybe perhaps, we are poor, and after all the tragedy and struggles I have been, my mother never left me since. I always question my mom about our life, but she still keeps saying that I need to be patient and work hard instead of complaining. I became ungrateful in life since I have nothing. My mother only works for me and strive hard for our daily living. She is a bit old now and but still fighting. My father left us alone, but she never stops loving me at all costs. Until she got sick and I was so concerned about her health. And at that time, I realize I need to keep improving and alive because my mother needs me. I love my mother so much that I couldn’t trade her for anything. I looked for work and became an Archway escort from https://charlotteaction.org/archway-escorts, and every beginning seems hard. But through my determination and hard work, I exceeded the hardships in life and started appreciating my mother and people around me. I learned to enjoy life when I became an Archway Escorts.

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