Guildford Escorts can Jump Over My fencing all the time

I travel around the country as a sales manager for a company that manufacturer fencing and garden furniture. It is kind of a boring job, and my biggest pleasure in life is coming down to Guildford to date Guildford escorts from I love to come down here more, but at the moment I am only down in Guildford once a month.

Back home in Norwich, I don’t date escorts. It is just such as small place and a lot of people know each other. A lot of the escorts in Norwich are Polish as well, and that doesn’t do a lot for me. I prefer dating British born escorts, and that is why I date in Guildford escorts. On top of that, I am married but my wife and I don’t have much of a life together. Dating escorts in Guildford fulfills my needs and I also get some sexy companionship at least once a month.

I have noticed that a lot of gents in this area use Guildford escorts agencies, but I prefer using independent Guildford escorts. By now I have some favorite girls, but I also date around quite a bit. I enjoy meeting new people, and I am quite an outgoing guy so it suits my personality. I never lie to my escorts, it just isn’t my sort of thing. To error on the side of caution I tell them that I am married but I never tell them what company I work. You never know what is going to happen, and I prefer it that way. It is a weight off my mind.

Independent Guildford Escorts

There are a lot of independent Guildford escorts and it isn’t surprising really. Guildford is such a big place now, and seems to be sprawling out even further every time I come down here. The company I work for has many outlets here, so I am often in the area for a few days. That works really well for me, because I can see my favorite Guildford escorts as well as meet up with some new ones.

The first dates I had were through local agencies in the Guildford area, and I always enjoyed them so I decided to try independent escorts. I noticed that a lot of independent escorts had a lot of different services they offered, and a lot of them seemed sexier somehow. Ever since my first independent girl, I have stuck to independents girls.

There are a lot of really sexy ladies down here in Guildford, and some of them even used to work as central London girls. Between them they have lots of experience, and if you are looking for something special you can normally find it here in Guildford. I have to say that I have tried everything from dinner dates to duo dating, and I have enjoyed all the pleasures that the Guildford girls have brought me.

If you travel around Southern England, I would certainly recommend stopping in Guildford to enjoy the company of some sexy Guildford companions.

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