Does a confuse husband leaves his wife

last week, I came home and found a note on my dining room table. It was from my husband and it said that he was leaving me because he was just ‘so confused right now, West Midland Escorts says. I called him up immediately and asked him what in the world he had to be confused about. He said that I was well aware that our marriage had been struggling for some time. He said that I was aware that he’s been unhappy, West Midland Escorts of says. And he said his confusion lies with what he wants to do moving forward. He isn’t sure if it is possible to save our marriage or if he even wants to. I am not sure if I buy this explanation. To be quite honest, we have been struggling for years and it has never seemed to bother him before, West Midland Escorts says. And now suddenly he is so ‘confused’ that he can no longer live under the same roof with me? What do men really mean when they use their own confusion as their reason for leaving their wives?”

I actually hear from a lot of these husbands on my blog and I believe that I have a pretty good handle on their mindset, West Midland Escorts says. So, in the following article, I will share with you what I believe that some men mean when they give you the old “I’m confused” excuse.

He May Be Legitimately Confused About the Course of Your Marriage or What Is Necessary to Correct It: Not all men are using this as an excuse. Some are being quite sincere. Some are torn about your marriage and just aren’t sure how to proceed, West Midland Escorts says. And often, they feel as if taking some time to themselves is the best way to gain some clarity. They will often tell you that it’s very hard to think about you or the marriage clearly when you are living together and interacting every day.


Many wives ask me which questions the husband is most likely to ponder while he is away. In my opinion, they are these questions:


  1. What are the biggest problems in my marriage?


  1. Are these problems deal breakers or can we work through them?


  1. If the problems can be worked through, what is it going to take to be successful?


  1. Considering the way that I feel about my wife and my marriage, is it going to be worth it to go through all the time or effort to try to save my marriage?


  1. Is my wife willing to work with me? and


  1. Would I be better off or happier remaining married or calling it quits?


These are just brief examples of common questions, West Midland Escorts says. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Your situation may offer a unique problem that makes up the bulk of your husband’s questions or confusion. But in general, he is trying to evaluate what he feels, what the problems are, if the problems are fixable, and if it is even worth it to try to fix them, West Midland Escorts says. So what does all of this mean to you?

What to Take Away from All of This: What I’d like for you to take from this article is that the way that you interact with your husband is so important right now, West Midland Escorts says. While he is trying to sort through these confused feelings, he is going to consider how you are getting along right now. So, if the two of you are fighting or if you are very sarcastically asking him what on earth he has to be confused about, then this is going to weigh heavily on his thoughts in a negative way. If you are invested in saving your marriage, this is probably the last thing that you want, West Midland Escorts says. Instead, you want for him to think of you very favorably while he is away.

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