Desires Running out of control with West London Escorts

I just knew that I had seen him before as soon as I laid eyes on him sitting at the bar. He walked in through the door, and I realized that I recognized that stride from West London escorts. This was one of my dates who had gone off to get married and I had never seen him again. But what was he doing in this bar with a mystery blonde that I knew was not his wife? I looked at his left hand, and I could not spot a wedding ring at all. Had the marriage ended?

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Of course, he was not looking over my way, but the blonde could see that I was staring at her companion. The look said it all  “please don’t touch – this is my territory”. Anxiety took over and I could feel myself flush with colors. Now, she was really wondering what was going on, and I knew that he would be looking over once he spotted his companion’s reaction. Sure enough, a few seconds later, he looked over and I could feel myself reconnection with my regular visitor to West London escorts.


He was really surprised to see me and mouthed a hello. Flashbacks of old memories came back to me, and I could see that the same memories were filling his mind. I signalled that I had spotted that he was a wedding ring missing, and he made a disappointed grimace. It was obvious that the marriage had not lasted. Did he want to tell me all about it? He must remember that I had been a good shoulder to cry on from our West London escorts days.


I watched as he bough a drink for his companion, and chatted to her for a few minutes. He appeared to excuse himself and moved towards me. “Eve from West London escorts” he whispered. I said yes, and even more of our adventures came flooding back to me. It felt like this was the start of something new for both of us, and the hot heat of desire flooded into my lower stomach and I could feel a familiar burning sensation.


That night, he never left with his companion. We went back to my place, spoke briefly about all of the fun we had when we used to meet up at West London escorts, and after that, we relit our fire. All through that night, we allowed it to burn brightly. When he finally withdrew from my body, I knew that I never wanted this man to leave me again. We were meant for each other and our desire could, if nourished, burn brightly for many years to come. Things were going to be different. He was not going to be my date at West London escort services anymore, instead he was going to be my sensual lover who made every dream of mine come true. My dream date was gone, but my dream lover had arrived instead. So much better and so much more satisfying…


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