Are all men the same?

My mom was really badly let down by this guy she had been dating a couple of weeks ago. As a matter of fact, it was worse than I first thought. This guy had persuaded my mom to make some sort of investment in an investment plan, he was running and she did actually give him rather a lot of money. She has not told me how much but I think that it was around £5,000. That may not seem a lot of money to some people, but I know I have to work hard at Greenwich escorts of to get that sort of money together.


This is not the first time I heard a story like this recently. Something similar happened to one of the girls who works here at Greenwich escorts. She had been dating this guy for about five months and trusted him completely. So far he had not put a foot out of place, and she was beginning to think that this guy was a bit of a keeper. I had met a  couple of times, and I must admit that he seemed really nic, but the truth turned out to be a little bit different.


Most girls at Greenwich escorts get nice gifts from time to time. My friend had been given this really lovely necklace from a gent she had been dating for over a year. It was his way to say thank you and to celebrate what he called “ their anniversary”. I thought that it was really sweet, and I know that she liked her new necklace a lot. Her boyfriend took a fancy to it, and asked her if she wanted to have it valued. She said yes, and that was the last she saw of both her necklace and boyfriend.


I could not believe it, but I give my friend her due. She was brave enough to tell the police, and it was not long before they caught up with him. He had pawned the necklace in West London thinking that he would get away with it. Fortunately, my friend had a photo of it which she had sent to her insurance company, and that proved she was indeed the legal owner. She had been so busy at Greenwich escorts that the insurance guy had not been around yet.


I really do feel for my mum, and I am going to try to give her some of the money back. She has reported the matter to the police, but so far, they have not been able to find the man. He seemed to have been using a false name, and I guess it is not going to be easy. Hopefully, they  will find him, and I have told her to be careful with her cash in the future. I am being careful as well, and I think that the rest of the girls at Greenwich escorts will be asking themselves if all men are the same. It does really make you wonder.

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