The moment I met my girlfriend, I knew that there was something different about her.

I am not sure what it was. She dressed like most other girls that I had gone out with but at the same time, I could sense that she was different. When she told me she worked for London escorts, I cannot really say that I was surprised at all. In fact, it was kind of relief and explained the way she made me feel.

However, it did not take me very long to figure out that she wanted me to be in charge in the bedroom. She blamed London escorts and said that she had to be in control there all of the time. When she came home, she wanted something different and that meant me being in charge. I had never done anything like before so we had to visit a London escort’s dominatrix so she could show me what to do.

We did have sex normally as well, so for the first couple of months of our relationship I was not freaked out all of the time. If you like we kind of started very gently and it took me a little while to get up to speed on being charge. After about six months I did find my stride and really started to enjoy being in charge. We still play like this today, and sometimes when she has a day off from London escorts, we go to specialist domination parties in London.

Have I told my friends about my hot girl from London escorts? I don’t think that they would believe I date a girl from a London escorts service so I have not told them as yet. More than likely I will not tell them that I am now into domination and have a girlfriend who works for an elite London escorts service. I simply do not think that they would believe me at all. This is something that I have never really done before and I am not sure that I would have gone down this road if I had not met my girl from London escorts.

To be honest, I thank my lucky stars. It is not every guy who gets to go out with a girl from a London escorts service and dominate her at the same time. A couple of years ago, I would not have dreamed of meeting a girl like my hot friend. I am okay with her working for an escort service in London. Most guys probably have a hard time accepting that is what their girlfriend is into but I don’t let it worry me anymore. Thanks to the work my girlfriend does, we have a fantastic lifestyle, and our relationship is probably more trusting and open minded than many other relationships out there. I think that is good and you can say that this girl has become my dream girlfriend. You know, there is nothing as hot as London escort.

This girl went totally mad with me in the street the other day.

I don’t know how she managed to find me, but she accused me of shagging her boyfriend. She started to scream and shout, and took great delight in telling everyone around us that I worked for a London escorts. I screamed back that just because I work for a London escorts, does not mean I shag every guy around. It turned into a bit of a cat fight, and we managed to get rather an audience. As a matter of fact, I think somebody filmed it, and I am surprised we are not on Youtube.

She calmed down a little bit, and I soon realised I had met her boyfriend for sex. I do have a bad habit of picking up guys for sex after finishing at London escorts, and I soon knew that he was one of the guys I had picked up a few times. But, to be honest with this woman, I did not know he had a girlfriend. If I would have known that, I would have thought twice about picking him time and time again. What really fascinated me was how she knew I worked for a London escorts service.

I never tell the guys I pick up that I work for London escorts service. It would not be cool at all. Normally I make up some sort of story, and my ideal cover is telling them about my Soho strip club career. Before I joined London escorts, I did use to strip and I know guys get turned on by having sex with strippers. It is my little game that I play, and it gives them something to talk about the next day.

Did I feel sorry for this girl who more or less attacked me in the street? No, I did not feel sorry for her at all. Unless she branded her boyfriend across his ass that he belongs to her, I think that he was fair play. It is not my problem that her boyfriend cannot keep his dick in his pans. Most London escorts would probably think the same way, and I cannot really see the problem here.

But, what fascinated me was how she knew I worked for a London escorts service? I did not ask her, but I did take a good look at her as she finally let go of me. Did she not used to work for a London escorts service somewhere? I had a feeling that we had met before, but I was not sure. As she walked away from the scene she had caused. I told myself to be more careful in the future. Perhaps it was about time I changed my lifestyle and stopped picking up guys that I barely knew. It would be nice to have a permanent boyfriend and not have to start from scratch telling a guy what you enjoy doing in bed.

Some of the attributes you need to have when you work for an escort agency

You may think that all women or girls would make great escorts but that is not true at all. If you would like to be good at escorting, there are certainly some special attributes that you need to have. Not all of the girls who join Charing Cross escorts from do appreciate that, and if they don’t, they are not very likely to make it big as escorts in London or in the Charing Cross area of London.

So, what are some of the attributes you need to have when you work for an escort agency such as Charing Cross escorts? I am not going to let you in on all of the secrets the girls here at the escort agency in Charing Cross have got. That would not be fair to them, and if you are happening to be thinking about becoming an escort in London, it would kind of give you an unfair advantage if you know what I mean. However, I am going to let you in on some of the tips and ideas which may get your escort career of to a good start.

The first thing you need to do is to put a smile on your face. There is nothing worse than opening the door on a miserable looking escort. Throughout my escort career, I have met so many girls who have been really miserable. They just assume that gentlemen are going to accept anything when it comes to escorting. It is a little bit like they expect the gent to be grateful. That is not my approach at all, and the first thing I do, is to put a great smile on my face when I go out on a date for Charing Cross escorts.

You need to be fun to be with at the same time. I would say that many of the gentlemen I have met when dating for Charing Cross escorts really do spend time with escorts as a distraction. They all have high powered jobs and when they come home from work, they basically would like to take their heads out of gear for a little while. That is the principle I work on and it seems to be working for me at the escort agency in Charing Cross.


Do you need to chat? The way you connect with a date is important, and this is where I think that a lot of the foreign girls who work for Charing Cross escorts lose it. Yes, gentlemen like to date foreign escorts in London as they think that they are more open minded. That could be true, but I know that there is a lot more to it than that. Gentlemen like to have a chat as well, and if you really want to connect with your date, the best thing you can do, is to have a really good chat. That is really how a gent will remember, and if you would like to build up a good following at an escort agency in London, remember to learn how to chat.

I recently applied for a job as an escort with an escort agency in London.

Originally I am from Bracknell, but I have been living and working in London for the last five years. The agency was a bit funny with me, and told me that I had limited experience of adult entertainment. It really made me wonder what kind of experience that you need to have to work for an escort agency in London, since Bracknell escorts from welcomed me with open arms.

The first job that I did in London was to work as an erotic model. I had just moved to London from Bracknell and I was looking around for a job. At the time, I was doing a little bit of waitressing in a cafe to make sure that I could pay my rent, when this guy asked me if I wanted to be an erotic model. I was a bit taken back at first, but I did go ahead as the pay was good. When I told the boss at Bracknell escorts about that, he was seriously impressed.

The erotic modeling was okay but I really needed something else as well. On a night out with a couple of the girls that I met at the agency, I bumped into a girl who was a lap dancer in Soho. We started talking and she told me that the club that she danced in, was always looking for girls. The next day I made my way around there, and soon landed a part time job as a lap dancer. It was great and I actually got a kick out of it as well. I have noticed a few of the other girls at Bracknell escorts have been lap dancers, so that career choice obviously did not do me any harm.

Now I was sort of busy most nights during the week, but I still had Saturday night free. I knew that Saturday could be a good earner in London, so I started to look around for jobs that I could on a Saturday. Eventually I managed to find a job as a hostess. It was my job to make sure that gents had plenty of good company when they visited the club, and that the drinks flowed. I loved it as I had fun at the same time. The earnings were amazing and I managed to save a bit of money. That was great as I was able to buy my own place when I moved back to Bracknell and joined Bracknell escorts.

I am not sure what is wrong with my CV, and why the guy thought that I had limited experience. The guy at Bracknell escorts thought that I had plenty of experience and I got a job that day. To be honest, I am glad that I got a job in Bracknell and with the escort agency in Bracknell. London was really exciting for a little while, but it was also very stressful. I am so much happier working here in Bracknell and I am pretty sure that I do not want to move back to London, and start my search for another job in London. Everything that I need can be found right here in Bracknell.

Worst thing a man can do to his wife – London Escorts



My friend Anne who works for an escorts in London agency has been humiliated by her husband. They have only been married for a few years and I can’t believe that he has done this to her, but there you go it has happened. I think that the worse thing a man can do to his wife is to humiliate her in one form or the other. All of my Cheap London escorts friends are devastated and has insisted that Anne leaves her husband immediately. Fortunately, Anne and her husband do not have any children, so there are not little people that can get hurt.

Anne has been working for a London escorts agency for quite a few years now, and she is actually one of the best elite London escorts. She stands 5 ft 7 in her stocking feet and has lovely blonde hair, so she is quite something to look at. Her husband, Alan, knew that she was an escort when they got married, and he was quite happy with her profession. She earns more money than he does and I honestly think that this is where the problem starts. He is really jealous of her and feels a bit inferior to her.

Last week they were at a party and one of the guests made a remark about Alan’s Rolex watch. Anne said that she had bought it for him as a 50 birthday present, and for some reason Alan was not too happy about this comment. He made some sort of remark saying that despite his education, he did not manage to earn as much money as his wife who worked as a tart. Nobody at the party knew that Anne worked for a top London escorts agency and some people were a bit shocked. Most people didn’t think it mattered that Anne was part of a team of professional London escorts, but it was just the comment had been made.

Anne was really angry and walked out on the party. A couple of hours later her husband came home, and he was really remorseful but by then it was too late. Anne had been on the phone to her London escorts agency has she was to upset to work that evening. Of course, they had taken her side and told her London escorts colleague. Every single of them was on Anne’s side and agreed that Anne had been humiliated by her husband.

Anne, being a smart lady, did not immediately back her bags. Instead she moved into the spare room and contacted a lawyer recommended to her by one of the London escorts that Anne works together with. It turns out that Anne has very good grounds for divorce, and that she can easily leave her husband. Most of her assets are in the name of a company that she has set up, so there is no problem.

The lesson is, if your wife works for a London escorts, it may not be a good idea to humiliate her. London escorts may have blonde hair, but at the end of the day those 34DD’s give them extra brain power.


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